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Со своими минусами и плюсами.

From Russia With Love

Four days after my intended departure I’m regretfully leaving the Russian Federation for Scandanavia. I was waylaid first by new friends and then by money troubles, but there’s few cities i’d rather be stuck in than St Petersburg. It’s been a whirlwind tour of Russia, three weeks isn’t quite enough to do this beautiful sprawling country justice. I’ll remember long train rides, late nights drinking vodka, the strange wonderful language and the stunningly beautiful women. I’ll remember being told repeatedly that I resemble Dr House, green-fatigued army guys kissing their girlfriends on train platforms and the deepest lake in the world. I’ll remember incredible baroque architecture and ugly soviet aprtment blocks. I’ll remember hard faces breaking into smiles, bums drinking cheap beer in the park, hidden away hostels and hurried farewells.

I’ll remember things I’d rather forget and i’ll forget things I want to remember.

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Я устала от этого всего.Я не хочу вдаваться в подробности, я просто психую.