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"When I was fifteen, I was infatuated with a girl for a couple of months, but she moved away. We kept in touch, and I introduced her to the Iron & Wine cover of this song, which she fell in love with. That Christmas, I asked for a guitar, and, without ever reading music or playing an instrument before, I set out to learn to play this song. Nothing else, just this song. For two months straight, day-in and day-out, I would play it, over and over again, until it was perfect. I’ve never had the chance to play it for her.

Without her, and without this song, I never would have learnt to play guitar, and I never would have started writing music. And without her, I never would have gone back to school, or gone on to university, or moved to London. I can’t even remember what it was like to not love her from a distance, and, to be honest, I’m not even sure if I still do, or if I ever truly did. But she looked completely and utterly perfect, from far away.

And she still does."

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Я устала от этого всего.Я не хочу вдаваться в подробности, я просто психую.